Dog daycare suffolkDogs of today often find themselves alone for long periods of time, which can lead to boredom, a build up of excess energy and destructive or anxious behaviour.  Here at The Dog House Daycare we offer a safe but stimulating environment for dogs to exercise and socialise within.

Exercise and social interaction are essential to a dog’s wellbeing and our custom designed facility offers plenty of opportunity to do just that.  We have a 1700 square foot building dedicated solely to our canine guests.  There’s central heating for those cold winter days and lots of cosy beds available for dogs that might fancy an afternoon nap.

Outside we have an acre of securely fenced paddock, a haven for fun and frolics.

Every dog that comes to The Dog House Daycare gets a daily walk and spends time in the paddock enjoying activities such as retrieving games, agility and training.  All dogs are taught that downtime is equally important, so rest periods are built into the daily routine.

Please ring to book your free assessment if your dog is: -

Well socialised


Happy in a group environment

Not possessive over toys

Up-to-date with vaccinations including kennel cough.


Daycare Prices

£15.00 per dog per day
£25.00 per day for two dogs from the same family
Add an extra £10.00 per day for additional dogs from the same family
A collection service (at extra cost) may be available dependent on location.  Please ask for details.

Please note:  To avoid ‘bloat’ dogs would need to be fed 2 hours in advance of arriving at daycare.