Cookies Policy

Once a cookie is installed on your computer the website can recognise you as a returning visitor. Cookies can be used for many purposes, analysis of site performance. First party cookies contain the domain name of the website you are visiting. Third party cookies contain the domain name of a different website. The domain name indicates who owns the cookie. Session cookies are deleted from the browser when the browser is closed. Persistent cookies are only deleted by the browser once they reach their expiration date.

After auditing the cookies used on we can confirm that the cookies used on this website are not intrusive. The cookies used by this site are solely intended to improve its performance. Cookies used on this website are:

  • tracking cookies for Google Analytics (first party)

Google Analytics cookies are used to collect data about how the website is used. Google Analytics does cross reference data with your IP address. The data collected by Google is aggregated data e.g. volume of traffic to a specific page. This data is reviewed to help us assess and improve the site’s performance.

Listing of the cookies used on this website

Google cookies used on

  • _utma – the main Google Analytics cookie. It stores a unique visitor ID, date and time of first visit, date and time of current visit, and total number of visits to the site.
  • _utmb – stores the number of page visits and identifies when a visit has timed out.
  • _utmc – a session cookie used to register that a visit has ended when the browser is closed.
  • _utmv – enables a website to segment visitor data.
  • _utmz – stores information about the traffic source.